How to Grow Your Franchise through Internet Marketing

How to Grow Your Franchise through Internet Marketing

If you own a franchise, you know that if you want to be visible, it is essential to effectively use SEO and Internet marketing practices. In a world where more brands than ever are competing for search engine visibility and a top online presence, it can be difficult to stay on top of online marketing efforts. You need to make sure to keep your online brand streamlined for every geographic location. If the branding changes between each site it can confuse customers and damage your brand. Here at FranMarketing, we are experts in Internet marketing for franchises. Follow our tips if you want to see your franchise expand through online marketing practices.

Brand Main Pages

The main pages are the foundation of your brand. Main pages include the homepage, the “About Us” page, “Products and Services” and the FAQs page. These pages are static and need to contain the best quality brand content on the website, as this is what will probably attract the majority of visitors.

Keep an Updated Blog

An active blog that focuses on your industry and brand is an extremely smart SEO strategy. Search engines coexist well with blogs because they provide consistent updates to your website and content that matters to customers. A huge percentage of Internet users read blogs several times per day, whether it’s for information or entertainment.


Your business name needs to look exactly the same across all locations. It’s not valuable for good SEO or online business listings when you include the different locations in each title. In addition, all franchisees need the same category and logo. Locations will be differentiated by addresses, phone numbers, and unique business descriptions.

Pay Attention to All Locations

After developing your central brand, pay attention to your business locations. Each location or franchise needs its own landing page on your website. When you invest the time to create separate location pages, the search engine can understand the different locations in specific areas. These pages also allow you to tell users about the services and products that are unique to each location.

Become More Social

To build credit online, you need to create and update social profiles for your main brand. Of course, franchisees should create their own individual pages, but you need to own the brand’s voice and be active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. People often look to social media accounts before they visit your website, so a good social presence is vital if you want your franchise to expand.

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