Best SEO Tips for Franchise Owners

Best SEO Tips for Franchise Owners

Best SEO Tips for Franchise Owners - Fran.Marketing

As a franchise in 2017, there are certain actions you should be taking when it comes to SEO. Mobile devices are officially replacing desktops in online searches and voice search is more common than ever. You need to make sure that your franchise websites are optimized for the modern market. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want an effective online presence.

Optimize your website for voice search

Voice search is fast, convenient and more popular than ever. It is typically conducted through mobile devices, so it’s essential that your website’s site structure, navigation, design, page speed and content are optimized for mobile. Voice searches are also longer and more naturally conversational compared to written queries. This means that content needs to answer questions that start with who, how, where, what and why.

Build or update presence on local directories

Along with optimizing your own website, you need to expand exposure to relevant third-party sources. It’s important to be featured on most-visited local websites where users can easily find services or products related to your business. Claim your business on local directories like a Google My Business page or Yelp. Make sure addresses are consistent across all directories because a discrepancy could have a negative impact on search results.

Work for positive testimonials and monitor reviews

Positive reviews from customers play a significant role in building trustworthiness and developing a positive online reputation. If you want positive reviews then you need to make sure your clients can find your business online and on review websites. People typically leave positive reviews if the service was excellent. O, but on the other hand, there is always the possibility for negative feedback. When it comes to dealing with reviews, react fast and always respond., B be polite and diplomatic, investigate the root of the problem and, evaluate your performance based on feedback and constantly make improvements and corrections.

Go mobile first

As mentioned earlier, mobile devices now outnumber desktops. This means it’s absolutely crucial for your business to make mobile search optimization a top priority. Google now gives higher priority to the content from mobile versions of websites versus desktop, so you should be doing the same. Make sure your website has a responsive design and optimize schema data for both desktop and mobile versions. This is an essential SEO element that helps search engines return the most useful results for users. You also need to make sure that your mobile site loads fast enough because most users expect an average load time to be about 3 seconds. There are online tools for testing page speed.

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