PPC Mistakes to Avoid

PPC Mistakes to Avoid

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising strategy used by many franchisors to attract the attention of potential investors or new franchisees. The only thing franchisors need to know with PPC is their customers’ web search habits. All a PPC ad needs is an eye-catching, keyword-rich headline, a short phrase of text and a link to high-quality franchise landing page. This might make PPC seem easy, but there are several simple, yet costly, mistakes franchisors can make that can destroy a pay-per-click strategy. Using generic keywords can create a whole host of problems for your PPC ad, though there other costly mistakes you can make.

Generic Keywords

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new marketers can make when starting a PPC campaign. Many first-time franchisors assume that attracting customer attention means using general key terms. When you use generic keyword strings, a PPC ad will be exposed to a lot of customers. You want the population of ad viewers to be made up of interested customers, not just random viewers. If your ad displays to consumers who don’t want to invest in your franchise, your money is going down the drain. Generic keywords won’t increase conversions.

Pricey Generic Ads

The ad with the highest bid per click is the ad that will be displayed. Franchisors who bid on generic keywords will probably pay up to ten times more per click than they would for specific, long-tail keyword strings. Don’t pay more when it’s not necessary.

Ads that Pop Up in the Wrong Places

Generic keyword PPC ads can pop up in unrelated searches, which is bad for a brand. Search engines closely monitor PPC ads and if a franchise campaign is too generic, it will put ads on unrelated searches. Since search engines care about satisfying customers with relevant searches, they won’t tolerate unrelated, spammy ads on search pages. Working with a professional company like FranMarketing will help you create the delicate balance between generic and specific keywords.

Ignoring Landing Pages

Franchise PPC campaigns directed interested investors to a landing page. Many new franchisors forget to put time and energy into this landing page. Consumers who click on keyword-rich ads want to see the content of the ad on the site. If the ad talks about a profitable franchise opportunity, your landing page needs to include those words.

Forgetting Localized Keywords

Geo-targeted keywords for PPC campaigns are proven to be effective. Consumers feel more comfortable interacting with local businesses, so when they see an ad with their specific city it will catch their eye. Local keywords help reduce competition, which can make the bid price per click less expensive. At FranMarketing, we have experience in localized keywords and geo-targeted PPC ads.

Not Analyzing Data

You need to use expert data tracking and analytic techniques to create customized, adaptable franchise PPC campaigns that add value to the business. Marketing changes from one minute to the next, so you shouldn’t continue to pour money into a strategy that isn’t working. This is why analyzing data is so essential.

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