Tips for Creating Engaging Content for Franchises

Tips for Creating Engaging Content for Franchises

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If you own a franchise, you know how difficult it can be to create an effective content marketing initiative. You know all about your products and services, but do you know how to translate that into something prospects and customers want to hear? With these tips, you can learn how to create engaging content that will draw people in as franchisee owners, brand advocates and consumers.

Answer Questions

Over 90 percent of Internet users turn to search engines for answers to questions and solutions to problems. Useful, informative content that answers questions will engage customers and prospects, which drives engagement and website traffic. You can answer question by creating an FAQ page, a series of blog posts addressing specific issues, videos demonstrating how your services or products solve problems or sharing customer testimonials and success stories.

Focus on Benefits and Results

You want to make your customers’ lives better, so you need to create content that promotes the benefits and real-life results your customers will gain by doing business with you. Instead of saying you provide the best products, use testimonies explaining how they benefited from your products. Customer-centric content will always be more engaging than sales speak because creating an emotional connection is a great way to build brand community.

Quality over Quantity

All the content you create needs to be high quality. Whether it’s a video, image or article, it needs to reflect the professionalism of your franchise brand. Use vivid language and power words to grab attention and make sure your copy is intelligent and grammatically correct. Images should be sharp and high resolution and video or audio sound needs to be crisp and clear. Make sure to vary your content styles between educational, informational and entertaining.

Be Creative

In the modern digital world, we are constantly bombarded with content and data. If you want to be heard in all this noise, you need to stand out. There is comfort in the familiar, but you need to find new ways to demonstrate expertise. Try writing like you’re talking to a friend and considering surprising facts about your industry. Emotional and sensory language helps to paint word pictures when using compelling images isn’t appropriate.

Make Content Interactive

For the best engagement, content should be interactive and easy to share. Make sure it’s extremely clear how to take action and how to share content with obvious links and buttons. Calls to action need to be in all pieces of content and include the following:

  • Comments, likes, follows
  • Download options
  • Signing up for a webinar or e-newsletter
  • Sharing content
  • Quick chat
  • Q&A
  • Polls
  • Entering contests
  • Buy/subscribe

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