Rely on Simplicity for Your Franchise Website Design

Rely on Simplicity for Your Franchise Website Design

Simplicity is vital for a good website design.

When it comes to website design for your franchise, simpler is better. A simple website removes all unnecessary elements not only from the design but from the content and the code. A site doesn’t need to be minimalist and bare to be simple; it just needs to be clean and easy to navigate.

When creating a website that includes custom localized content for franchises, keep these advantages of simple websites in mind.

Easy navigation

Simple websites don’t need excessive information. This helps navigation because simple sites have fewer pages and sections and the design is less cluttered. Users can find navigation elements easily this way.

Faster loading

Simple designs usually result in smaller file sizes and smaller files load faster. If you keep your code simple and streamlined, you’re less likely to need multiple stylesheets, JavaScript files and other content that increases the number of HTTP requests your site must make. Faster loading and faster-responding websites improve the user experience.

Scannable content

When your website isn’t full of complicated decorative elements, the content is the main focus. This makes the actual information about your franchise the most important thing on the website. Since no one reads an entire website, it’s valuable for content to be easy to quickly scan. Straightforward content and a simple website design make this possible.

Simple sites are quicker to design and build

If your site’s design is simple, the code will likely be easy as well. A site with a simple layout, one or two-page templates and simple typography are much quicker than designing a site with eight sections, complex typography and a background that needs complicated slicing and coding. Be aware of creating a site that looks simple but is actually complicated.

Simple code is easier to debug

If your code is simple, it’s easier to find bugs. When there’s a stylesheet with 300 different properties, it’s going to take a long time to find problems. Combining CSS properties and definitions can make stylesheets much shorter. Combining stylesheets or JavaScript files can also simplify the code. Take advantage of automated programs that strip out unnecessary markup from your stylesheets, scripts and other files before uploading.

Less server space

When your site takes up less server space and bandwidth, you can save a significant amount of money. Minimal homepages can be less than 100kb, while complicated sites can often be 1mb. This means you can have ten times as much traffic with the simple site for the same price as a complicated one.

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