The Benefits of Content Hubs for Franchises

The Benefits of Content Hubs for Franchises

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A content hub centralizes content for website visitors. It can host branded content, curated content, social media content, user-generated content, videos, documents and even lead forms. It allows a brand to tie together separate content into a cohesive presentation with more context, control and analytics. It can be implemented into your marketing campaign to combine lead generation and nurturing, increasing the value of your investment in content development.

The benefits of content hubs include:

Centralized Content

A content hub centralizes blog posts, social media, videos, white papers and other content into a single destination. This destination provides a more interactive and valuable experience to website visitors. This means customers don’t have to extensively search for a piece of content because the hub presents everything in one place.

Control of Content

A content hub allows you to better control your content and visitor experience. When you send traffic to social media platforms or another external website, you lose the ability to track and control the experience. A content hub lets you include social media on your website, while also allowing you to control and tailor the experience according to your own desires and goals.

The Right Content

A content hub allows you to provide context around your content. You can highlight your brand’s official content around a specific product while including third party articles about the same product. This adds credibility and third party endorsements while keeping visitors on your site.

Increased Conversions

Content hubs increase conversions by keeping visitors on your site longer and featuring valuable content. As visitors consume your content, a hub will allow you to feature optimized profiling, pop-ups and contextual call-to-actions. Showing the right content and CTA will increase your lead conversion rates.

Curated Content

Content hubs with built-in content curation allow you to add third party commentary to your branded content. This will strengthen your brand’s voice. If curated content brings clarity, it will help build trust and be seen as thought leadership that will have visitors coming back for more.

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