Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Not sure how to get noticed online? Pay-per-click (PPC) services from Fran.Marketing connect you to interested customers. With the help of our in-house PPC experts, we’ll craft the perfect campaign strategy to bring you profitable and qualified traffic. Our methods bring you above the organic and local search results to increase your visibility and get you in front of more potential customers. With so much attention online, you can expect more business.

Stand Out

Stand Out

The Fran.Marketing team targets the most relevant topics and keyword phrases for your franchise. From there, our crack team of SEO, PPC and content writers come in to optimize your website. All this work adds up to increased visibility and custom-crafted content that will attract search engines and potential clients everywhere. We match your website with content and keyword phrases interested customers already use to shop for what your franchise offers. This means we not only draw in traffic, we draw in business!

Simple Reporting

Target Audience

PPC is an effective and affordable lead magnet, earning responses from over half the searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Customers using keywords targeted through your campaigns are already looking for your services, and PPC places you at the top of their search. Customers who find you while searching for the services you offer are also more likely to share and tell others about your business after a good experience. These popularly searched words bring potential customers closer to your brand, giving you an advantage over competitors.

High ROI

By targeting users who are actively looking for your service, your franchise will see an increase in business. One of the perks of PPC is its speedy return on your investment. On average, PPC campaigns generate an ROI of $2 for every $1 spent. On top of that, Fran.Marketing is committed to your success, so we give you access to our proprietary software that shows you key performance indicators such as traffic and calls generated by your PPC efforts.

PPC from Fran.Marketing

PPC from Fran.Marketing

From keyword research and lead generation to bidding and landing page content and design, Fran.Marketing handles everything related to your AdWords campaign so you don’t have to. PPC campaigns often yield a high ROI from the number of leads they generate. Our expert franchise marketing staff is ready to help and guide you through our online portal. On the dashboard, you’ll get accurate, updated information about your PPC and SEO efforts. From the dashboard, you can monitor your franchise’s visibility, including how many visitors, clicks and calls come from your online sources.

Don’t wait. Start growing your franchise today!