Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Brittanie P.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a huge part of my success in growing my agency!

Mark G.

One of the best decisions we’ve ever made!

Ben B.

I just did a marketing campaign comparison to determine how much your company has helped with the online marketing services. In 2011 our web page accounted for .03% of yearly revenue, and that sucked. 2012 was 14% of our revenue. That is FREAKIN’ HUGE!!!!


We have received very few internet leads in the past so I decided to try OnlineImage and yesterday we got four calls, the other day six. So this is all added traffic to my office, and a wonderful way to reach people who are searching the web for insurance.

Angela F.

It is critical for us to understand how the consumer wants to do business. The masses research everything online before making a purchase. The use of OnlineImage has given me a dominant position and allowed customers to get a feel for who I am and what I represent as an added value to our product line up. It gives us a competitive edge, which in today’s market is what we are looking for. I have been disappointed in other vendors and I assure you there is no one better equipped than OnlineImage! Great knowledgeable team!

Jain W.

I worked with a couple of other companies to help with my internet marketing before I found OnlineImage. I was looking to find a company to help me show up #1 in Google and Yahoo searches. OnlineImage has helped me with both of these. They are absolutely great at what they do. They have put together a team that is smart, energetic and dedicated and they are all just nice people. Their mission is to get you great rankings and they know how to do it. I have recommended them to several businesses already and I will continue to do so. OnlineImage is definitely worth the investment!

Joel F.

I started working with OnlineImage in January of 2011. I was told that they could help me stay on the front page of search engines to produce more contact as the public looks for the services my company offers. After nearly two years of using OnlineImage I still regularly find myself on the front page of Google.

Travis H.

I have used a company called OnlineImage for my internet issues and they have been absolute magicians with getting me to the top of local listings. I usually get about 4-6 calls per week off my Google listing.

Kellie S.

I highly recommend OnlineImage. The customer service has been amazing. And the results we have had using their services are terrific.

Vicki T.

Better than their competition and if you need to speak with someone or have a question they will answer your phone call or e-mail.

Rich P.

You’ve gotta work with these guys. I needed someone to do some online marketing for my office. Currently I don’t use them because I’m stuck in a contract with another company paying twice as much. As soon as my contract is up, I’m switching – no doubt. Somehow my listing on Google fell off the map… literally. It’s been two months and my current company can’t figure it out. I got a call from OnlineImage one day and they offered to look at it at no charge. In less than 48 hours I got an email and phone call back from their rep and he tells me that he’s got me on the front page again. Somehow this guy pulls my listing out of the depths of who-knows-where and gets me back to #1!

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